2015 – An Ulrich Year in Review

2015 started off a bit messy.  We ended 2014 with our second miscarriage.  We werent sure how to proceed.  The year started with the family in a state of grief and confusion, just looking to regain a state of normalcy and seeking to again, find joy.  Joy is never too hard to find with these crazy kids!



In February,  we found out we would be adding another baby to the family!  This news was bittersweet.  We were elated, but scared.  The pregnancy started off rough and it looked like we might lose this one too, but, this baby was sticky.  He would be our rainbow baby.


Winter seemed extra long.  I dealt with severe morning sickness, as usual, and spent so much time on the couch, but three little kids running around is pretty good entertainment, to get through the long days.  This girl was my special helper.  She takes the world on her shoulders and works tirelessly to make sure everyone is happy.



By Easter, I was beginning to feel human again and we were all so excited for our growing baby!  Emma was quickly transitioning out of the baby role.  Talking like crazy, potty training and constantly getting into mischief.   Levi and Eva were both enjoying school and the independence that brought.

martin wedding-5504.jpg

In April we celebrated the marriage of Uncle Travis to Taylor.  The kids were all in the wedding!  They thought that was such an honor.  They had a blast dancing at the reception.


May was an absolute whirlwind of a month.  We barely had time to breathe!

We planted our first garden.  The kids really enjoyed helping with this through the summer.  Sometimes they got a little too eager and picked things whether they were ready or not.  Ok, so maybe this happened most of the time.

martin wedding-7308.jpg

Uncle Cody graduated from High school!

cody graduation-7497.jpg

Nona married Bob.  The kids were also in her wedding.  The girls were so excited to be able to throw flowers down the “hallway” for her, and Levi really liked wearing his “fancy pants”, just like Uncle Cody.

emma 2nd bsay-7933

In June we said “see you later” to Uncle Cody, when he left for the Marine’s boot camp.  It was very hard for everyone to say good bye, but we were very proud of him.


We also got to find out if we were having a boy or a girl baby!  Levi, especially was so excited for a brother and Eva was excited to see that the boy – girl pattern was staying intact.

During the summer, I was taken off work due to some health concerns.  The doctor told me to stay home and rest as much as possible.  These two did not make that an easy task at all.  They were always up to something, and it was usually messy.  But, I decided to just let memories be made and let daddy clean up the mess when he got home.



Eva had her first gymnastics recital.  She did great and we were so proud of her!

emma 2nd bsay-9029.jpg

4th of July was extra special this year as we had our own soldier to celebrate!

In August we sent Miss Eva off to 1st grade.  She was so excited to ride the school bus this year!  No good bye hugs for mom.  She was out the door and down the driveway before I had my shoes on!

We enjoyed a trip to the big St. Louis Zoo.  The favorite attraction was the hippos, with the penguins at a close second.  The kids enjoyed staying overnight in a hotel!

Miss Eden Layne joined our family in August too!  The girls were excited to finally have a girl cousin!


Levi started pre-k the beginning of September.


In September we made all of our final preparations for baby Lukas to join our family.


Emma Joy moved in to the big kid room in her own big girl bed!


In October baby Lukas joined our family!!



November brought the first snow, and two very excited children.  Emma, apparently hates the snow just as much as she did last year.  lukasteach-0475

In December we celebrated our first Christmas as a family of 6!

2015 was a year that brought many uncertainties.  The health of the baby and I was a concern most of the year.  That put alot of responsibilities on Darren’s shoulders and required quite a bit of independence from the kids.  Some days they handled that independence much more gracefully than others.  The year was hectic and messy.  There were few days where I felt like we really had a handle on life.  But it was also a year of big lessons and huge joys as we sought out Gods plan and let it be fulfilled in our lives.  Despite my health issues, we now have some diagnosis and a direction for healing.  Lukas is here and healthy.  The chaos that comes with bringing home baby is beginning to calm as everyone settles into their new roles.  Darren and I are closer than we have ever been.  This year seemed like a roller coaster of emotions, but looking back, its clear, that we are so very blessed!







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