Just a quick update.

IMG_0636.jpgI never take time to update when things are good.  Its not that I’m not grateful, its just that writing is how I process hard things.  When things are good, I don’t feel so inspired to take time to write it all out.  But, I know so many have partnered with us in prayer and I feel an update is in order.

The new jobs are so great.  Darren is home on the weekends.  Every.  Single. Weekend.  That alone has us over the moon.  The stability of a predictable and dependable pay check is pretty great too.  He is enjoying the work and the new friends he has made.  He has really been blessed with several strong Christian men on his crew that continuously build him up.  My job definitely has its crazy and unpredictable moments, but overall, the workload is light and we are figuring out how to maintain a normal life despite the unpredictability of being “on call”.  The financial security that these new jobs has offered is so incredibly freeing.  I was never discontent with our financial situation.  We have always had food to eat and a roof over our heads.  We have never gone without a necessity.  That being said, living in a constant state of not quite enough is stressful.  The last three months, there has been money left over after paying the bills.  No strategizing how we were going to make it stretch.  We aren’t wealthy by any means, but there is enough.  Enough is a very good feeling.

Enough has allowed us to afford some much needed things we had been putting off for months.  Its allowed us freedom to invest time in others by way of having them for a meal or taking them out for a meal.  Being able to take care of ourselves well, allows us to invest in other more fully.  Its so rewarding.

We have a plan to be debt free in a year.  That may be a lofty goal.  It may take us just a bit over a year as we needed a few months to get back on our feet, but we have a solid plan and its so exciting!  Just last month I paid off three medical bills we had been paying on for several years.  THREE!!  The debt snowball is rolling!!  We are working hard to find balance between allowing ourselves a little room to breathe, and building a financially secure state.

We are purging our belongings striving for a more minimalistic state of living.  Too much stuff leads to unnecessary stress.  Getting rid of the excess has been so freeing!  We hope to redecorate the house over time.  New pain, less clutter.  Ah…the thought of it just brings me so much calm.

Health wise, Levi and I are in a sort of holding pattern.  Due to our previous financial crunch, we put things on a bit of a hold.  Now that we again have health insurance, we have to get back to work.  I will be scheduling Levi’s urology appointment with Lurie’s.  For myself, I have chosen to delay further diagnostics to focus on self care.  Eating better, sleeping better, further reducing stress.  Eating has become really difficult.  Its not that I don’t want to eat, but I have no hunger (or thirst most of the time).   Eating causes nausea and an increased heart rate  which makes the passing out more likely.  The doctor thinks this may be due to some mineral deficiencies.  Ive lost quite a bit of weight so I’m really working hard to maintain and focus on eating well.  But at the same time, I don’t want diet to become a fixation.  Again balance isn’t easy.  Hopefully, some new supplements will fix me right up!  I’m getting very mixed advice from my local docs and having real trouble finding someone to step up and help me manage my care.  Its likely another trip to Cleveland will be in my future.  I’m just wanting to plan this trip well, making sure I see the right people and know what questions to ask.  Id also like to take Levi with me to see genetics to get the EDS3 diagnosis official for him.

Overall, we are just in a really good place.  There is so much excitement in starting new.  So much potential.  It feels like Darren and I are really starting to build the life WE want.  Filling it with things and people so intentionally.  We are discovering a sense of self and that’s empowering.  We hope that you will continue to pray Gods direction over our lives.  Specifically, it is our prayer that God will continue to provide us with ways to serve those around us and that we will be receptive to those opportunities.  We want to live intentionally in all things!


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